traffic generation

get guaranteed visitors

more people coming to your website means more people will likely buy from you. 

with this turnkey solution, you won’t have to worry about getting customers to your site, we will do that for you. 

this solution gives you targeted, contextual and timely ads. meaning we’re not just sending anyone to your site, we are sending people who WANT to buy 

To work out your potential return: traffic volume x current conversion rate x average sale amount. for example: 5,000 visitors x 5% conversion x R150 average sale = R37,500 potential revenue

continuous improvement

the heart of every campaign we run is to get a better return than we did yesterday. 

this means that every month, the results get better with the same ad spend. 

the fundamentals are to measure, test, and improve. not just based on visitors, but actual sales. 

how it works

based on your products, marketing strategy and goals, analytics data, and budget, we will set up digital campaigns to get the right people to visit your website. 

this includes;

  • search engine ads
  • social media ads
  • retargeting ads
  • email campaigns
  • website analytics reporting

we guarantee a minimum traffic volume, anything extra is a bonus. 


1,000 visitors per month
R3,500 per month
R3.50 per acquisition

5,000 visitors
R15,000 per month
R3 per acquisition

10,000 visitors
R28,000 per month
R2,80 per acquisition

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