social media marketing

social media marketing is a tried and tested method to build brand awareness and gather leads at the same time.

social media allows your business to;

  • advertise products and services
  • engage with your customers
  • generate leads and business
  • get referrals and reviews from existing customers

how it works

your pages will be updated weekly with content that your audience engages with. There is provision made for paid placements to ensure accurate targeting and results.

reach out to your customers quickly, easily, and effectively. 

your page will be managed with focus on sales, growth, and brand awareness to add to the long-term success of your business. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you. 


the fee structure is a monthly retainer for posting, answering messages and growing the audience 

the costs* are quite simple;

  • R1200 for one social media channel (Facebook, linkedin etc)
  • R300 for every additional channel
  • R250 setup cost

*these are the prices as of December 2020

the posts will be a variation of photos, video, articles, and success stories from your clients. every post will have a call-to-action and will be measured on how it adds to your bottom line. 

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