Forget Social Media- This is WAY more Effective Marketing

Social Media has been the buzzword for a few years now. These days it is less about being social and more about being entertained. There is one thing businesses need to understand about Social Media, they don’t care about you.

Whats in it for them?

Remember that Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc are all in it for the advertising money. This is why they favour content that is posted natively to their platform. Every piece of content you post keeps eyes on their app or website.

This can work for you and is a great brand awareness tool. However, I’m here to tell you about something that works even better.

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Who owns what?

The worst problem with Social Media is who owns the database you are marketing to? It’s not you. They create algorithms that limit how many of your followers see your content.

A 2014 study by Ogilvy showed that reach was between 2-6% of the followers.

declining-organic-reach effective marketing

Email is all yours

The email database you collect is yours to manage and interact with. With a good email campaign you can get an open rate of over 50%. Utilising drip campaigns you can increase that to 60-70% of the list opening your email.

As long as you focus on providing value, and don’t annoy your audience, your list will remain intact. Social media and other display marketing methods online can help you grow your email list.

Social media has it’s place in marketing, but email will be a huge driver of engagement and business.

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