Facebook pages: The First Steps

The Facebook pages of agencies who contact me to sell their advertising services have always disappointed. I marvel at the low numbers we see and wonder why they don’t practice what they preach.

So when I decided to start an agency, I want to practice what I preach, and share the journey with my customers. After all, you won’t buy shoes from a barefoot cobbler will you?

So here goes; here is the Facebook page and below are the basics of building an audience.

Complete the basics

There is a bare minimum of information and media you need to add to Facebook pages. Very simply they are;

  1. Contact information
  2. Small, Square logo for the profile picture
  3. Landscape image for the page header
  4. Your Website address

If any of the above are missing, your page looks incomplete.

Add some content

Before you get going, post some content to beef up your page. If anyone views your page with only one post you run the risk of looking like a one-hit-wonder. We have some content ideas for you here.

Invite your friends

The next step is to invite your friends. This will beef up your page likes a bit to add a little credibility. I choose to invite only relevant friends or those who will support the page. You don’t want to SPAM everyone but don’t be shy either.

At the time of writing the page is sitting on 12 likes. Lets see how fast we can grow this page.

(I have chosen NOT to invite a lot of friends because I want to show you how you can grow your Facebook Page with real customers)

Promote the content

If you want fast growth, you are going to have to put some money into advertising the page. Facebook have a number of promotional options for you to use. I am going to focus on using two of them for now; Boosting content and Promoting the page.

Currently I have a post being boosted for 5 days at R150 in total for the campaign. You can see the results after 3 days in.

I’ve chosen to boost a post before promoting the page because I also want to drive traffic to the website where I aim to collect newsletter subscribers.

The next step will be to Promote the page. This is where Facebook works to grow your page audience.

Post Regularly

You will need to be consistent in your posting and the content. There are scheduling tools to help you do this, or consider making use of service providers (like me) to ensure you have regular posts on the page.

There are also steps you need to take to grow your audience organically.

If you have a current Facebook page that you are struggling to get off the ground, like and follow the mediaholic marketing Facebook page. You can also sign up for the newsletter to receive updates and statistics to your inbox as well.

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