Digital Performance Analysed: Youtube vs LinkedIn vs Facebook

YouTube has always been the go-to video platform to upload video. Many pages then share this video as a link in a social post.

It makes some sense to try and keep the metrics in one place but the reality is that you don’t get the views you are after by sharing a link.

Changes to Social Algorithms

YouTube is under threat from the social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snap Chat. These social platforms want to be the main source of entertainment for the users. They make money when someone stays on their app, so sending them away to another is throwing money away.

The Numbers

To determine which method will yield the better interaction I ran an experiment. A video was uploaded to YouTube and then Shared to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with a collective follower base of almost 10,000. A similar video was then uploaded to each social platform individually as well as to YouTube.

Video 1Video 2
LinkedIn 0467

The videos in question were both around 3 minutes in length with similar headlines and call to actions. Shorter video gets even MORE views on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Organic Wins. Every Time

While this means marketers need to upload video to multiple platforms, in the end it is worth the effort. The social platforms have designed their algorithms to put organic content in front of the user before external content.

If you have a big budget, you can boost posts and drive traffic to your YouTube video. But being smart about it, you can get a higher return on your investment by posting organically to all the platforms.

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