Content Ideas for any Business

Coming up with content ideas is not as easy as it seems. As a business owner, its likely that you have many functions within the organisation. This means that you will have to complete marketing functions, which may not be your first choice of profession. You might also not know where to start using social media for marketing.

We’ve taken a simple approach to ensure we never run out of content ideas for our social media posts. Here are some content types that you may find easy to source or generate

Other people’s content

A quick and easy share is an industry article, or a how to video that is based around your product or service. These are always useful and by sharing the content, you not only provide something useful to your customer, but also to the generator of the content.

Behind the Scenes

A photo or video of what is going on behind the scenes can be created quickly using your mobile phone. This kind of media does not need to be fancy or well produced, just genuine.

Success Stories

Has a customer done well with your product or service? Tell that story. If they are willing to share the story and perhaps a photo or video then it serves as a testimonial for your business as well.

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How to

How-To content is very popular in the internet age. How-to videos have seen a rise in popularity on all video platforms. This kind of content also serves as advertising for the products being used.


People love a good laugh. If you have a meme, or funny video related to your product or services then share that. If it hits the mark then people will also share it which is a win.

Seasons Greetings

There are many festivals, religious days, and days of observance that you can generate quick posts with well-wishes for that part of the audience.

Make use of tools like Canva and Buffer to design and schedule your posts well in advance so that you don’t have to focus on it all the time. Remember to add a call-to-action on every post.

(If you don’t have the time to post regularly, consider using our Social Management Services to do it for you.)

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